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Mania Inc. is the publication for lifestyle buffs, soccer and tech enthusiasts, and forward-thinking techno-nerds. Here’s our little piece of the internet challenging mainstream media with a fresh perspective.

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Welcome to Mania Inc., where we're rewriting the media playbook. Our unapologetically bold publication isn't confined by niche labels. It’s built for those who crave a fresh perspective and a break from mainstream media noise.

How to Contact Us

You can reach us via our email: mail(@)maniainc.com or via phone on +254731048779. You can also find more contact details on our Linktree.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help you digest what’s happening in the world, be it in sports, tech, lifestyle, self-empowerment, etc., by looking at the world from a humanistic, and non-journalistic perspective.

Our aim is not to bring you everything, it’s to bring you what we think is important to a Millenial/Gen Z but also do it in a digestible way, while ensuring we provide valuable, concise, and relatable information.

What are we trying to achieve?

Why we started

Mania Inc. started after we felt that legacy media did a terrible job of overcooking news, features, reviews, and tech stories, among other things.

Clickbait called wall poster at Substack HQ
Above everything, what you read matters! We also believe (like Substack) that journalistic content has intrinsic value and it doesn’t have to be given away for free. Source: Chris Best/Substack.

We, therefore, felt a need to try and do better and bring you content that isn’t dependent on budgets, boards, or even traditional media structures to get you the information you need. Unlike legacy media, our aim is not to bombard you with stories or news.

We take a different approach and bring you wide-ranging stories and articles at a steady and digestible pace.

We are very keen on the quality of our publication and will always choose what we feel is interesting to us, as millennials and Gen Zs ourselves, over what will sell or what will trend.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment is to you, our reader. Only you. We also believe in choice and, therefore, won’t lock ourselves to a niche for the purpose of pleasing search engines and the like.

Most often, legacy publications cave in due to editorial pressures, competition, and other market forces, often leading to a barrage of over-indulgent news stories, and articles.

Our approach is different and instead of worrying about what a story will mean for revenue, we’ll stick to writing about what we want to, when we want to.

Why Subscribe?

You’ll always get a good serving of free content on Mania Inc.

However, you will get even more in-depth content and site-wide access by subscribing and joining our paid subscription.

You will also get to join our community and get all our articles (including ‘Paid’ ones) in your inbox without any clutter.

What Free and Paid Subscribers Get

Free subscribers to Mania Inc. gain access to a good serving of free content, including articles on various topics.

Paid subscribers enjoy full access to all posts, the ability to comment, exclusive content, communication with authors, and participation in virtual discussions.

The following is a breakdown of what free and paid subscribers will get.

Free Subscribers

  • Access to all our free posts.

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  • Staying in the loop on what we’re doing at any moment in time.

Paid Subscribers

  • Access to all our posts (free and paid).

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  • One-on-one communication with our authors (both via chat and externally via Discord).

  • Access to our Paid Subscribers Only Discord Channel.

  • Virtual hangouts and discussions on our posts (via Google Meet where we’ll hold scheduled virtual meetings).

  • A say on what we write about, i.e. the opportunity to suggest post topics and specific articles that you want us to write about.

  • Paid Subscribers Only deals both for our merch and from external companies i.e. exclusive offers we get from companies.

  • The ability to gift Paid content subscriptions to your friends and family for a set period of time.

  • Always being in the loop on behind-the-scenes content, what other projects we’re working on, and what ideas we have for posts and features that we’re considering for Mania Inc.

  • Paid Subscriber shout-outs and appreciation.

Founding Members

  • A private communication channel to our authors and our founder, David Mania via WhatsApp and on phone (calls).

  • A say on publication management decisions, such as what direction the publication should take, etc.

  • Virtual founding members meetings via Google Meet or FaceTime.

How to Go About Subscribing

You can subscribe to Mania Inc. via the various buttons available at the top of the site and even below a post. You can also use the button below.

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When you subscribe, you can choose to receive emails from a certain section (category) including Sports, News, Lifestyle, Relationships, Movies, etc., all of which are accessible in your account settings (while on Mania Inc.) and ‘Manage Subscription’ specifically.

The ‘Manage Subscription’ setting is accessible on the menu that appears after you click on your profile image on the right side. Here, you’ll see a list of all available sections and you can pick the sections you want to receive posts from (in your email).

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Choose your own adventure from the 22 sections on Mania Inc. We believe you have a right to pick what you want to read to a granular level. Source: Chris Best/Substack.

We created sections for this very purpose and to ensure our readers only get emails on what they are interested in. Even so, what we categorize under the Mania Inc. (or main section) will be delivered to all our subscribers.

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Mania Inc. is the publication for lifestyle buffs, soccer and tech enthusiasts, and forward-thinking techno-nerds. Here’s our little piece of the internet challenging mainstream media with a fresh perspective.


David Mania

David Mania is a blogger and musician. He is an avid writer on everything lifestyle, culture, sports, tech, health, and news on maniainc.com. He is also a photographer and YouTuber. You can find all his links on linktr.ee/davidmania